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3s Class Teacher

susanI became acquainted with Providence Nursery School when I enrolled my daughter in the Twos class in fall of 1996. We were both delighted with the school and all of our new friends. Two years later an aide position became available in the Threes class and I was offered the position. I enjoyed working with that class so much that when the teacher moved away, I asked if I could take her place. I have been teaching the Threes class ever since.

Although my college degree is in statistics, I have attended numerous workshops, seminars and classes in a variety of subjects related to teaching, curriculum and child development. These classes are also a great way to meet other teachers and share ideas. In addition, I have learned countless things from the children through the years. Teaching is definitely a two way street.

Children learn best when they are doing things. I try to provide opportunities for my Threes to express themselves through art and dramatic play, have a variety of sensory experiences, use their bodies in big and small movements, explore music and literature and investigate with scientific methods. In order to do all these things successfully, they need to feel safe and loved. My Threes work on the emotional and social skills they need to build individual friendships and make sense of being part of a group. It’s a challenging age, but we are all up to the task!

My family is very supportive of my endeavors here at Providence. When I mention an upcoming special project, my husband wants to know if he gets to pre-construct anything for it and he has built some of our art and gross motor equipment. The daughter who began her school career in the Twos class is now in her twenties, but she still loves to come back and visit this special place. My older daughter is going to be a pediatrician, so I guess my passion for young people runs in the family!